Is a private yoga session for me?


Do you have a busy, unpredictable schedule?

Do you have physical challenges that influence your exercise routine?

Do you have a personal intention for your yoga practice? A certain pose you want to reach? A deeper meditation practice? A home practice routine?

If you answered, “yes” to any of the above, you might be ready for private yoga instruction!

Private yoga sessions can be designed around your intentions, your abilities, your desires, and YOUR SCHEDULE! You could want to work one-on-one for the long-term, or just for a few sessions to change your practice’s momentum, or overcome a physical or mental obstacle that is holding you back in your group class.

Interested in pranayama? Use your session to practice new breathing techniques, with the time and space to ask questions and advance your knowledge base.

Interested in Ayurveda? Use your session to balance your dosha and learn techniques (postures, diet, lifestyle) to stay in physical and mental balance throughout the year.

Interested in meditation? Use your session to get into a comfortable physical space and prepare your mind for what comes next.

Private sessions are held in your home, your space, to help move your practice into a more personalized space. Don’t worry about your cat/dog/doorbell. Accepting life’s obstacles is a part of making your yoga practice YOURS.

Before your session, we would talk about your intentions, your commitment (1 session, 4, indefinite), your concerns, and anything else that may influence our sessions.

Pricing is based on length and number of sessions.

For more information about how to personalize your yoga practice, contact me!


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