How I got here

This is how I got here…

In the summer of 2009, I signed up for my first yoga class. It was outdoors, at an amphitheater on the water. I knew that yoga was supposed to be good for stress management (which I was right about). I thought is was an “easy” workout (which I was wrong about).

When I left that class I knew that I would do yoga for the rest of my life. I felt alive and I felt strong and I felt peace. I didn’t even realize at first that I didn’t light a cigarette on my way home. I was breathing deeper and the air was fresher than I could ever remember.

Later that summer, the dream of teaching yoga seemed like just that, a dream. It became a whisper in the back of my mind. No matter what though, I couldn’t shake the desire to share what I was learning with others. The more benefits bestowed onto me, the more dedicated I became. To sun salutes (asana), to meditation (dhyana), to alternate nostril breathing (pranayama). I even chanted!

After becoming a mother, and making the decision to stay at home, I began to look for something that could fulfill me in the manner that my previous occupations had. I wanted something that could feed my soul and help me maintain my “non-mom” identity. When the opportunity presented to take a yoga teacher training at my favorite studio, with my favorite teacher, it was too important to let pass me by.

In that summer, I met some extraordinary women and dove into parts of myself long pushed aside for motherhood. I felt my yoga practice grow and slowly, but surely, I became a yoga teacher.

What’s Next?

I am excited to reach out and join the community to sharing all that I’ve learned and I am excited about introducing yoga to people that have yet to experience all that can be attained. I hope to be a good example. Find me here

I’m grateful to all the family, friends, teachers, classmates, and students who have helped me to arrive at this point.


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