Chakras 101



What are the chakras? The Sanskrit translation of “chakra” is wheel. The chakras are “wheels of energy” – spinning vortexes that move physical, emotional, and spiritual energy through our bodies. Sometimes these wheels are spinning too fast, opening too far; sometimes these wheels are spinning too slowly and our chakra is closed, holding energy in stasis.

There are seven main chakras. If you’ve attended a postural yoga class, you have likely heard these mentioned, if not thoroughly explained. Here, you will find the foundation of knowledge you need.


Root – Muladhara Chakra
Location – Base of Spine
Color – Red
Mantra – Lam
Our Root chakra roots us to the world. If you grew up confident that you would have a place to live, food to eat, and people to take care of you, your Root Chakra is likely open and you have an inner sense of security. If you have experienced times where your basic needs for survival have been less dependable, your chakra may be more closed off. You may live life with a sense of fear. 

Sacral – Svadhisthana Chakra
Location – Lower Abdomen
Color – Orange
Mantra – Vam
Our Sacral chakra helps us to create. Located near the reproductive organs, this creation can be physical, or emotional. When we feel able to bring our energy into the world, this chakra will open and we will feel increased motivation. When the chakra is closed, we may feel less motivated and there may the impression that there is nowhere for our creative energy to land.

Solar Plexus – Manipura Chakra
Location – Upper Abdomen
Color – Yellow
Mantra – Ram
Our Solar Plexus allows us to digest the inputs we receive from the world around us. Again, this can be observed physically and emotionally. Our inner fire burns here and this is where we draw our energy and power from. It’s important to physically feed ourselves with nutritious foods and mentally feed ourselves with things that build our self-esteem. Without high-vibrational inputs, our energy will decrease and our opinions of ourselves will lower.

Heart – Anahata Chakra
Heart Center
Color – Green
Mantra – Yam
Our Heart chakra is not just about romantic love. It is about our ability to form emotional connections with all people. The way our physical heart pumps blood throughout our body, our emotional/energetic heart pumps love out into the world. If we are not well-grounded in the first three chakras, the love we send into the world may be selfish, conditional, or immature.

Throat – Vishuddha Chakra
Throat Center
Color – Blue
Mantra – Ham
Our Throat chakra manages our ability to speak our truth and stay grounded in our core values. We need to be able to clearly communicate our message. A big part of communication is listening. Are we able to take in other people’s message, all the while, staying ground in what is true for ourselves?

Third Eye – Ajna Chakra
Spot between the eyebrows
Color – Deep Purple
Mantra – Om
This is the place where all the other chakras merge. Once we feel safe, secure, and are interacting with the world in a healthy manner, we start to see beyond the visible. We begin to see the connectedness of everything. We begin to experience the oneness of life. 

Crown – Sahasrara
Top of the head
Color – White
Mantra – Om
Once we are able to see the oneness of living beings, we begin to move to a place of higher knowledge. A place of witnessing all universal consciousness.

Most people would do well, to focus on the lower chakras, making sure they are grounded in the world. Once you have reached that, you can form healthy relationships. If you can keep all that going, you can move into a deeper, more spiritually connected place.

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