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Wind Down at Night with Bedtime Yoga

You’ve heard of bedtime reading, but have you considered bedtime yoga? With bedtime yoga, you can wind down, release the tension and stress of the day, and start your night with focus and calmness. This can help you get a better night’s sleep.


You don’t need much to add yoga to your bedtime routine — in fact, you can even do yoga in bed as the last step in your routine. However, some mattresses aren’t a good choice for yoga in bed. For example, foam mattresses may sink so far down that it’s difficult to complete movements on the bed, or innerspring mattresses may have the opposite problem, bouncing too much for you to hold a pose. A hybrid mattress is usually a good choice for movement because they tend to not be too bouncy or sink too much.

Prepare yourself for a better night of restorative sleep with these relaxing yoga poses you can do in bed as you wind down:

  • Head to knee forward bend pose: Calm your brain, stretch your spine, and relieve anxiety with this pose. Sit with your legs straight in front of you, bending your right knee as you pull your heel inward and rest your right sole against your inner left thigh. Lean forward at your hips and reach to grasp your hands around your left foot. Hold for several breaths and repeat on the opposite side.

  • Supported bridge pose: Relieve backaches and headaches as you rejuvenate your legs and calm your mind and body. Lay down on your back, placing your feet on the mattress at hip width. Pull your heels back in so they are close enough to touch with your fingertips. Elevate your torso as you support the small of your back with your hands.

  • Reclined spinal twist pose: Stretch out your back and relieve tension in your spine with this pose. You’ll lay on your back, bending your knees and extending your arms to the side. Turn your head to the right and drop your knees to the left, pressing your shoulder blades into the mattress as you hold for several breaths.

  • Legs up the wall pose: Take a load off your feet and promote better circulation with the legs up the wall pose. You’ll lay on your back perpendicular to your headboard, bringing your legs up to rest against the headboard. Rest your arms by your sides for balance and press your shoulders into the mattress. Hold for a few minutes as you feel your legs stretch.

  • Happy baby pose: Calm your brain, relieving stress and fatigue with this childlike pose. Lay down and lift your legs in the air, pulling your knees toward your armpits with your ankles above your knees. Grasp the outside of your feet with your hands and gently rock back and forth for several breaths.

  • Corpse pose: Excellent for meditation and drifting off to sleep, use the corpse pose as your final movement. You may even want to get under your covers as you prepare for this pose so you can fall asleep meditating. Lay down flat on your back, aligning your body and allowing your legs to drop open comfortably as you rest your arms at your sides. Close your eyes, practicing progressive muscle relaxation as you tense and then release each muscle group one at a time, working from your head to your toes.

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