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School is almost back in session here and I’m not ashamed to admit how grateful I am. My kids and I had a lot of fun this summer, but we’re all ready to live our own lives again. However, despite being out of my hair all day, we are still going to have our daily dramas. But before you can say, “but you’re a yoga teacher, you’re always zen,” let me stop you. Being a Mindful Mama isn’t about always being chill, it’s about knowing how to get back to chill when the tornadic elementary school loves of my life send me screaming to the cellar. So here are my tips for mamas everywhere!

Be mindful of mama MOST

Yes. I said it. YOU come first. In the event of an emergency, place your own air mask on your face before assisting your fellow passengers. How do you put you first? Ask yourself two very important questions:

  1. What do I need?
  2. What do I want?

The answer is somewhere in the middle. I need sleep, but I want time in the morning before my children wake up. Even just a golden hour of quiet allows me to start coffee, shower, meditate and breathe before I’m on breakfast-, fashion-, and “oh my god, I told you six times to put your shoes on”-duty.

Be mindful of mini-minds

Your children are people. They have all the complex emotional thought processes you do and they don’t have a lifetime of experience coping with that.

Observe their patterns. Is there a meltdown every day after school? How can your schedule be altered to support their transition time? Less activities? More downtime? Can they play in the yard before starting homework? Do they need some cuddle time to tell you about their day?

Mindful Moments


Johnny's dinosaur print
Art time at the Library!
What could be better?

The best way to cope with life’s ups and downs is to know how to create your own steady ground. Introduce your children to mindful activities that allow them to connect with their passions and maintain energetic steadiness. Journaling, drawing, reading, meditation, and yoga are just a few ways that kids can have fun while being mindful.


Mindful Meltdowns

When all hope is lost and everyone’s emotions are heightened, take a group time-out. Send everyone, including yourself, to their rooms and set a timer for five minutes. When you’re done, pass around a talking stick (a great kids yoga craft) and let everyone release what’s rattling around their heads. Bonus points if you can end with a group hug.

What part of YOUR day could be more mindful?

What tips do you have for other parents riding the waves of their children’s energy?

If you need more of a mindful makeover, let’s talk!

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