Family Yoga

family yoga

When you picture someone doing yoga, you likely picture a group in a yoga studio or a gym.

Many of us, however, do most of our practice at home. This can come with a variety of challenges. I have two kids, therefore, two challenges. When I practice around my children, my practice is not the quiet, smooth, graceful practice I have in a studio. My downward dog is used as a tunnel by son as my daughter commands my attention to look at HER downward dog. This is not my personal practice! This is MY Family Yoga practice!

Some people would ask me: why do you bother? Why don’t you pick a different time? I have a few answers:
                1)Honestly, I do not want to get up a couple of hours early most days. A tired Yogi Chelsea is an unfocused Yogi Chelsea.
                 2)My kids’ interest/participation in yoga makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As a yoga teacher, I am extremely passionate about what yoga can offer and to see my children connect with it is rewarding beyond belief. 
                 3)They remind me not to take myself too seriously. I mean really, you try not laughing at yourself as you “moo” into Cow and “meow” into Cat. I dare you.
                 4)They show me how much I’m really learning. Finding peace in a candle-lit yoga studio with soft music is pretty easy. Finding peace when a toddler sits on you in Cobra? THERE is the challenge!

So while, yes, there are days I long for a tranquil yoga space at home, I continue to greet my challenges with the inclusive love and acceptance they show me every day.

To introduce your child, or family, to yoga, learn more about Kidding Around Yoga and Family yoga classes and check the current schedule for my offerings!

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