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Why do you need to find your tribe?

Tech Selfie – No Tribe

First, our society revolves around screens. Televisions, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We’ve all gone down the “I’m just going to look up one thing online and now I’m watching a YouTube video of a commercial that made me laugh as a kid” rabbit hole. Similarly, we have all spent time with a friend or partner where we don’t say anything, but we just look down at our devices. I am openly admitting my own guilt here and looking to find my tribe!

As a result of not communicating, we make up stories about the grass being greener. We see other people’s “Pinterest Perfect” social media images. It’s superficial. It’s time to go deeper. Connecting with those around us replaces the stories with the truth. Talking to those in our lives gives us space to share our true selves and discover the truth about other people.  Above all, there is nothing better than admitting all the ways you think you’re messing up at life and hearing someone else say, “me too!” We make these connections and consequently, we let go of our social stresses. Everyone is connected. We have the same intentions.

Many of you might be thinking to yourself, “when do I have to time to find and connect with my tribe?” I can help with that!

Tribe Tune-In

First, take a look at your time management. This reveals what you are choosing to prioritize. How much of your day is spent staring at a phone/tablet/television? What did you miss out on in that time? Who did you miss out on in that time? Were you supporting the intention of your life? Do you know what the intention of your life is?  Can you make better choices? Is it time to ask for help?

tribe begins


Next, if you’re looking to refocus and end your year right – FIND YOUR TRIBE and join my Facebook Group to receive the support you need!

Finally, for advanced support – see if you’re a good fit for Mindfulness Mentoring.

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