Survived with Surrender

Child's Pose

Think about the worst day of your life – You survived (or, if it’s today, you’re surviving).

You belong here. Everything you survived was necessary to get you here. How? Why? Who?

God, the Universe, Mother Nature, Source Energy, The Force. The name doesn’t matter – just know you have been loved and protected by something greater than yourself.

If you’re already saying, “But I don’t believe in God, the Universe, Mother Nature, Source Energy, The Force.” That’s okay, it/he/she/they believe(s) in YOU.

Ishavara Pranidhana is the yogic niyama of surrender. We practice releasing the mental energy we send to things we cannot control (like other people, and the weather). Some people only release their burdens at the eleventh hour, when things are at their darkest. Once they have survived, they disconnect from this energy. However, to maintain mental clarity and peace of mind, a daily exercise of letting go is ideal. Once we let go of the mental energy we don’t need, we’re able to make space for everything we do need and want in our lives. Try one of these practices designed to achieve a mindset shift.

To Practice:

Take a moment, close your eyes, imagine that you are being watched over. Imagine that you are being loved. Imagine that you are being provided for. Allow yourself to surrender control of all things you cannot control. Focus within. In this place of mental/emotional/stillness, you can ask for what you want. If you’re not used to getting what you want, start with your needs. Having our basic needs met is the only way to find stability in this world. These needs are air, food, water, shelter, and clothes. As you sit in stillness, deepen your breath and take in as much life energy as you need. Fill a tall glass of water and slowly sip it down. What do you need? Put pen to paper, the needs will begin to flow and over time, there will be a transition to what you want.

Alternative Practice:

If you feel like you’re an island, self-reliant and unable/unwilling to rely on others the first exercise may have felt inaccessible. You need a different path to connect with the energy of abundance. Keeping your focus within, let your awareness start with gratitude. Pen to paper, list all the blessing you have. List all the people you love, list the resources at your disposal. Take time to really appreciate and focus on how much you have in your life. Now, look at what would go further at supporting you? What compliments the life you have and lifts you to the next level?

What do these exercises have in common? To find the higher powers of the universe, we turn WITHIN. You have all the potential of the universe INSIDE OF YOU. By practicing surrender, we create space for our natural insight and intuition to develop.

Leave a comment with which practice you used and how it felt!


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