The transformation of our energy; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

First, check-in with your own energetics: how did you feel when you woke up this morning? Rested? Awake? Sore? Groggy?

What if I told you that you were in charge of how you felt every morning? (You’re actually in charge of how you feel ALL THE TIME, but let’s start small.)

Can you tell the difference between how you feel physically and mentally? Can you use your emotional and spiritual energy to support the rest of yourself?

I often confuse mental exhaustion with physical weariness. The mental load of what I think needs doing begins to manifest itself in my body. If I’m running late, that anxiety will create tension in my shoulders and neck; I may even white-knuckle the steering wheel. That mental energetic rush can also manifest emotionally as anger (yes, I’ve yelled at my children for not moving fast enough in the morning) or spiritually, as depression that I “always” mess up the morning routine (I don’t) and nothing will ever go right again (a wee pessimistic).

There are two ways to overcome a negative energetic flow – planning ahead and course correction.

Planning for Successful Energetics


Our bodies crave routine. Regular habits build the foundation of our physical well-being. Consistently getting enough sleep. Exercising a few times a week. Eating well every day. These habits stoke our inner digestive fire and create the energy we need to get from morning to night. These are all manageable goals – if we choose to take the time to prioritize them. And why wouldn’t we? (Because BK veggie burgers are quick, easy and take NO planning. I know! I get it!) If you are not already making your physical health a priority, this may feel daunting.

I always tell people to start small and go slow. Pick the ONE thing you think would make the biggest difference (sleep, food, or exercise) and take a whole week to focus on that. At the end of the week, evaluate what went right, what went wrong, and make a plan to focus on for week two. Habits take a long time to build and when you find success in one area, it will give you the inspiration to create success in other areas.


We need RIGHT stimulation. Scrolling through social media feeds or zoning out on cable news (or, as I’m guilty of, Hallmark holiday movies) is not going to make us feel better about ourselves or be better for our world. If you’re going to watch something, find a documentary about what you want to learn about. Read a book that guides your spirit. Spend time with people in your circle that encourage your growth and bring honesty to the relationship.

Remember to focus on how you WANT to feel: awake, alert, strong, focused. Laws of attraction encourage us to focus on the positive energetics we wish to create, instead of the negative energetics we wish to overcome. If you create the good, there will be no room for the bad.

Energetics Course Correction

What if you did everything right and you still don’t feel the way you want? We can’t control the external forces (traffic, power outages, illness, other people) and we have to accept that we are not islands. We don’t live in bubbles. But, we are in control of our reactions.

That’s where Pratipaksha Bhavana comes in.

What? Bless you?

Pratipaksha Bhavana is from the Yogic Sutras, it’s a practice of cultivating the opposite. It requires us to drawn upon our emotional and spiritual strength reserves. Look at it as seeing the glass as half-full, not half empty. When you start to think negatively, remind yourself, “I am okay.” If your breath starts racing, focus on deeper breaths (Deergha Swasam is best) or even just longer exhales. Doing breathwork will also relieve any subtle physical tensions. If your mind is darting, pick one thing to focus your eyes on. Remember, you are not your thoughts.

Lather, rinse, repeat, because this mindfulness practice will strengthen over time. You will recognize your negative energetics faster and have more tools to increase the positivity within yourself.

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