Atha yoga – anuśāsanam

Here begins the study of yoga!

Yoga is an eight-limbed approach to enlightenment. Right life choices through personal rituals in physical care and mental focus. The traditions of Ayurveda and Mindfulness Meditation support our path. Following the lifestyle of the yogi can balance your personal and professional life, bring more energy to your relationships, and encourage surrender to spiritual peace.

If you choose to begin your yogic adventure through physical fitness, you may attend a postural class. Yoga is for all ages! Kids classes are taught “Kidding Around Yoga” style. Postural yoga classes focus on the foundation of alignment to build strength and increase flexibility. I introduce the elements of pranayama (breathing techniques). Classes end with meditation (for improved focus and concentration) to all experience levels.Group Yoga Classes

Group classes are regularly held throughout Erie County, Pennsylvania and on-site instruction can be scheduled for company retreats and wellness seminars. Private, one-on-one classes are available to focus on specific goals.

Mindful MentoringNext, after experiencing peace in physical stillness, many students wish to make deeper, long-term changes. One-on-one coaching is available for people looking for guidance on how to live the life of a yogi in modern times. Tune in to YOUR inner voice and realign your choices with your values for success and peace.

You may choose to start with Mindful Mapping. This can be completed on an individual level or as a group coaching workshop to begin your transformation.

Explore deeper results with Ayurvedic dosha inquiry and Mindfulness Meditation traditions to continue your yoga education. Lifestyle changes will support YOU! You will create a life of purpose. We will build a foundation that you may return to all the days of your life! Blog

For self-study, read the regular blog postings that cover yoga (all limbs), meditation practice support, Ayurveda, and how modern motherhood fits in! See how I incorporate my studies despite the ever-changing obstacles life throws at us all. There is always more to learn and I love being the student with you!