Mindfulness Mentoring

Yogi Chelsea’s 14-week Mindfulness Mentoring Program

Get the jumpstart you need to create a new path forward!

Ask yourself these questions….

What direction is your life going? Do you know? Did you pick your path? Are you in control of this path?

Career, Family, Friends, Yourself…..is there a balance? Did something get lost along the way?

Is more of your time and energy going out than in? Or is your energy getting lost in the quicksand?

Get your life on track by focusing within to recharge your own batteries and learn to sustain your inner fire.

Change your internal narrative so that you can push yourself forward, instead of falling behind or staying stagnant. 

Stop using external conditions to validate your internal wisdom. 


This program is for people who are ready to commit to themselves. Over 14 weeks, we will alternate in-person and phone meetings to help you set achievable goals, knock down your obstacles and create a path forward. We will utilize Ayurvedic science, yogic philosophy, and modern meditation to support your path.

To see if Mindfulness Mentoring is for you, please fill out this questionnaire. 


*Note: Mindfulness Mentoring is NOT a substitute for psychotherapy or as a disruption to psychiatric treatments. Our questionnaire will help determine if Mentoring can support any current medical treatments.